Sachet Manufacturing and Packaging Specialists

We can fill sachets with all kinds of products for all types of markets. Here’s all you need to know about our sachets and why they stand up to the test.

  • Sizes available approx. 45mmx45mm up to 150mm x180mm.
  • 99% of our customers rely on Fillcon using qualified material suppliers.
  • Our partners are specialists in the printing of flexible packaging.
  • We can print as many colours as you’d like on the sachet.
  • We can put an easy to open tear notch on the sachet.
  • The material used will be chosen based on the suitability to the project it is for.
  • We can emboss/print the date/batch codes onto the sachet.
  • Our Minimum Order Quantity is 10,000 sachets.
  • We can produce twin pack sachets with or without tissue!
  • We provide empty sachets if you want to fill them yourself.

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