Who We Are

Established in 2011, it was our intention to show the world that Fillcon was a huge corporate monster, manufacturing and producing billions of cosmetic sachets for the world’s biggest brands…

However, that’s not what we did. We found it was MUCH better to tell the world that we were going to provide our customers with the best sachet quality and customer service we possibly could, and that with every order we received we would give those customers something for free… a HUGE thank you!

It may seem hard to imagine getting excited about sachets – but here at Fillcon, that’s what we do. We are passionate about our work, and we care about every single sachet that we produce.

What We Do

“Our aim is to exceed customer expectations and from customer testimonials, I think we’re doing pretty well.”

Who We Work With

Our customers are usually the brand owners, companies that have built their business on similar values to ourselves. Companies that have worked hard to provide a product to the market which gives an impression of quality and care.

From a dedicated and passionate management team to a production team who will manufacture your products with care and expertise, you can be confident in receiving sachets that meet and exceed your expectations.